Growth by constancy

Our history

Manfred Urban founded UB Transport Logistik GmbH in 2007, and the young company immediately took on its first transport orders for Koblenzer Verpackungs GmbH in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, and for Rhenus Automotive Logistik in Brotterode, Thuringia. One year after its foundation, the transport company already had a total of twelve vehicles at its disposal - and the trend continued to rise over the years. In Herne, Caterpillar Logistics Services Germany GmbH and Neovia Logistics Germany GmbH were among the clients in the years that followed, until the location was abandoned after eleven years. The company meanwhile concentrated on its presence in Brotterode as well as in Muggensturm, where in 2011 it took on its first transport order for the local branch of Rhenus AG & Co. KG and recorded order growth in the years that followed. After changes of clients, today the customers of UB Transport Logistik GmbH include Rhenus Automotive SE at the Muggensturm site as well as Automotive Lighting Brotterode GmbH, a company of Marelli Automotive Lighting, at the site in Thuringia, which has maintained its position on the market with a strategy of moderate growth and lasting quality.